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January 2015 | Issue 102

In This Issue:

Worst New Year’s Resolutions
Research Trends for 2015
Pantry Essentials for 2015
Test Kitchen: Cauliflower
Supporter Dianne K. Snyder

Marilyn Gentry

Welcome Readers,
In our first issue of 2015, take a look at some of the worst resolutions to make, get the latest research trends to make this year healthier and clean out your pantry for cancer prevention. Plus, there’s a new favorite vegetable in town and we’re giving you 5 ways to cook it up.

soy uses

Resolve This, Not That: Top 5 Worst New Year’s Resolutions and What to Resolve Instead

Are your resolutions setting you up for success? We’ve collected a list of the least effective New Year’s resolutions and provided suggestions for better resolutions that will set you up for a healthier new year.

Typewriter Paper 2015 Res

6 Research Trends to Follow for a Healthier 2015

Decades of research in diet, weight, activity and cancer risk have led to some major findings. Do your resolutions match up to the latest findings in cancer prevention?

Pantry Shelves Jars

Cancer-Fighting Pantry Essentials

What does a healthy pantry look like? If your pantry or kitchen cupboards are in need of a redo, follow this essential checklist to start 2015 off right.

carrot cranberry salad

Cauliflower is the New Kale

First, there were Brussels sprouts. Then, kale took cooking shows and restaurant menus by storm. Now the hot new vegetable in town is cauliflower. We’re cooking up two healthy recipes and bonus prep tips.

AICR supporter Dianne Snyder

AICR profile: Dianne K. Snyder

Read how a family history of breast cancer encouraged Dianne Snyder to live healthier and how her active lifestyle helped her win her own battle against cancer.


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