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August 22, 2018 | Issue 244

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“The Ride We Are Passionate About”

Nigel Brockton director of research holding his
Since it started, The Ride has raised over $66 million for cancer research, cancer prevention and enhanced cancer care. A decade of riding and fundraising compels me to ask myself, “What has it accomplished? What has changed?”
recommendations for cancer prevention infographic

New Study Links Plenty of Fruits, Veggies with Reduced Risk of Certain Breast Cancers

A long-term study suggests that women who eat over five and a half servings of fruits and vegetables daily have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who eat two and a half servings or fewer.

Research Roundup

brussels sproutsBitter Taste Sensitivity Can be a Factor in Cancer Risk

Many foods that reduce the risk of cancer are bitter tasting. A study suggests that one may have greater exposure to risk if bitter food sensitivity translates to avoidance of key foods that reduce the risk of cancer.

all grand panes membersAICR Grant Review Panel Meets

Earlier this month, 18 Grant Review Panel members met at the American Institute for Cancer Research to evaluate grant proposals addressing the effects of lifestyle choices on cancer risk and outcomes.

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