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December 19, 2018 | Issue 248

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AICR iThrive Plan: Nourish and Nurture Yourself after Cancer

Energy Balance CUP Report Cover
Life after a major illness like cancer, may at times seem as overwhelming as the experience of navigating through the disease. Here at AICR we often hear from cancer survivors who are looking for help with what to do to boost their odds for a longer, healthier life.
Energy Balance report cover

A Remarkable Year of Progress in Cancer Prevention Research

AICR is dedicated to advancing the understanding of how lifestyle factors impact cancer risk, and this year has been particularly fruitful. Read on to learn about our accomplishments in 2018.

Research Roundup

Nigel BrocktonAICR in 2018 – Standing at the Frontier of Major Research Advances

AICR's emphasis on diet, nutrition, and physical activity is at the confluence of major trends in cancer prevention research, argues this blog by Director of Research at AICR.

feet on a scaleLatest Findings from Our Scientists

Can cruciferous vegetables play a role in preventing breast cancer? How does exercise impact the way our immune system responds to breast cancer? We fund key scientific projects in cancer prevention.

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