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November 14, 2018 | Issue 246

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New Report Highlights Obesity-Cancer Crisis

Energy Balance Report cover
A new Report from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) sounds the alarm about what is driving the obesity-cancer crisis. There is strong scientific evidence that having overweight and obesity cause at least 12 types of cancer.
Energy Balance report cover

New AICR/WCRF Report on Growing Obesity Epidemic Released

The latest CUP report, Diet, Nutrition and Physical Activity: Energy Balance and Body Fatness highlights the causes of weight gain, overweight and obesity. Dr. Anne McTiernan one of the expert panel members reviewing Continuous Update Project (CUP), outlines the major findings of the Report and their significance.

Research Roundup

obesity infographicEnergy-Dense Diets Linked to Obesity-Related Cancers Among Women

A recent study suggests that energy-dense diets may increase the risk of obesity-related cancers in women, even among those of normal weight.

feet on a scaleBody Mass Index Throughout Adulthood Influences Multiple Myeloma Risk, Study Finds

Research shows that having a high body mass index in young adulthood or later in life may increase the risk of developing multiple myeloma.

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