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September 30, 2015 | Issue 181

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Aspirin and Cancer Prevention:
AICR's Take


(AICR Blog) The US Preventive Services Task Force released draft recommendations that many Americans take low doses of aspirin to prevent colorectal cancer.

Here's our view.

obesity map sectionNew Obesity Reports and How It Matters for Cancer Risk

Both US adult and childhood obesity rates have remained relatively steady in recent years, according to new reports, with rates remaining high. That puts millions of adults at increased risk for the most common cancers.

Research Roundup

Older Yonger Black Men on BikesActivity Reduces Cancer Mortality for Survivors, and All

Both for the general public and cancer survivors, being physically active for two to three hours a week reduces the risk of dying from cancer when compared to those who are inactive, finds a large new analysis of the research.


Mediterranean Diet ElementsMediterranean Diet May Cut Breast Cancer Risk

(AICR Blog) A recent analysis from a randomized trial suggests that a Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil and nuts may help lower risk of breast cancer risk.


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