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Repeated Use of Herbs and Spices to Lower Salt

many large wodden spoons full of different spicesChanging to a low-salt soup may make make you like it less, but repeatedly eating that low-salt dish with added herbs and spices can help, according to a new study published in Appetite. The study, funded by McCormick Science, adds to the research on how repeated exposure of a food may increase liking. 

AICR recommends limiting consumption of salty foods. High amounts of salt and salt-preserved foods links to increased risk of stomach cancer.

Read about the study findings on our blog, Study Sheds Light on Key to Cutting Sodium, Not Flavor.

Study Sheds Light on Key to Cutting Sodium, Not Flavor - See more at: http://blog.aicr.org/2014/12/17/study-sheds-light-on-key-to-cutting-sodium-not-flavor/#sthash.fxUQF3n3.dpuf

Source: Khalil Ghawi S, Rowland I, & Methven L. (2014). Enhancing consumer liking of low salt tomato soup over repeated exposure by herb and spice seasonings. Appetite 81: 20–29.

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