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Obesity and Breast Cancer Survivorship
April 30, 2014 | Issue 146

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Also In This Issue:

Excess Body Fat; More Colon Polyps

School's Sugary Beverages and Obesity


Diet and Cancer

The link between diet and cancer risk matters; we talk about it in a response to a New York Times article.

Cancer Prevention Venn

survivor signpost

Study: Fruits and Veggies Cuts Risk Premature Death Risk

A new study that looked at a snapshot of what people were eating suggests that just a few fruits and vegetables a day reduces the risk of dying from cancer and an earlier death compared to those who ate none.

fat cells

A study provides new clues into obesity and colon cancer, finding that obese men are more likely to have colon polyps – cell growths – and higher levels of specific fat-cell proteins than their leaner counterparts.

cola on ice in a glass

Canadian teens who attend schools with access to sugary sodas are more likely to drink them and at higher risk of being obese than those whose schools do not offer the sweet beverages, suggests a study.


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