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Nutriton Label Makeover Open for Comment

NFK proposed changesFor the first time in 20 years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is getting ready to update packaged foods' Nutrition Label and they are accepting public comments on the revised label until August 1.

The label aims to help shoppers make informed choices for good health, using the latest science. After years of discussion, the updated label include changes on added sugars, fats, and serving sizes. It also highlights calories and serving sizes.

The proposed changes include:

  • Require information about “added sugars.” Many experts recommend consuming fewer calories from added sugar because they can decrease the intake of nutrient-rich foods while increasing calorie intake.
  • Update daily values for nutrients like sodium, dietary fiber and Vitamin D. Daily values are used to calculate the Percent Daily Value listed on the label, which help consumers understand the nutrition information in the context of a total daily diet.
  • Change the serving size requirements to better reflect how people eat and drink today. For example, a bottle of soda would be considered one serving, whether it's 8 ounces or 20 ounces.
  • Require that packaged foods, including drinks, that are typically eaten in one sitting be labeled as a single serving and that calorie and nutrient information be declared for the entire package.

You can comment on what serving size is typically eaten at one time on this page.

Comment on revising the label content and appearance here. Comments open until August 1.

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