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Halibut with Ginger  and green Beans

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Ratatouille with Millet
Ratatouille with Millet
This fragrant fall ratatouille is made simple by the addition of a slow cooker and some whole-grain millet. Try this...

Spinach Saag and Golden Tofu
Spinach Saag with Golden Tofu
This vegan dish features sautéed tofu and spinach mixed with a medley of Indian spices.

South of the Border Beans Rice
South of the Border Beans and Rice
This vegetarian entrée features hearty brown rice and colorful bell peppers, corn, tomatoes and black beans.

Chickpea and Butternut Squash Fritters
Chickpea and Butternut Squash Fritters with Field Greens
Butternut squash and chickpeas are the perfect combination for this vegetarian entrée. Legumes like chickpeas pack protein and the B...

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