AICR Healthy Kids campaign

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans were designed to help teachers and parents show kids different ways to plan their meals and make healthy choices.

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    LESSON PLAN: Powerful Plants

    Powerful Plants Lesson Plan

    Download the Plant Foods Lesson Plan.

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    LESSON PLAN: Whole-Grain

    Whole-Grain Lesson Plan

    Whole-Grain Lesson Plan

    Download the Whole-Grain Lesson Plan.

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    LESSON PLAN: Healthy Proteins

    Healthy Protein Lesson Plan

    Healthy Protein Lesson Plan

    Download the Healthy Protein Lesson Plan

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    LESSON PLAN: Get Active

    Lesson Plan: Get Active!

    Physical Activity Lesson Plan

    Download the Physical Activity Lesson Plan.

    Check out the Super Kids Nutrition Web site.

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    LESSON PLAN: Healthy Grocery Shopping

    Healthy Grocery Shopping Lesson Plan

    Healthy Grocery Shopping Lesson Plan

    Download Shop for Healthy Groceries (pdf).

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    LESSON PLAN: Taste a Rainbow

    Taste a Rainbow Lesson Plan

    Taste A Rainbow Lesson Plan

    Download the Taste A Rainbow Lesson Plan (pdf).