Advocacy and Policy

"Preventing cancer is an urgent health issue that must be pushed to the top of everyone's policy agenda. The cost of inaction is simply too high. We all need to do our part
to protect our families, friends and neighbors from
this devastating disease."

— Marilyn Gentry, AICR President

AICR is involved in a number of projects to influence governments and key decision-makers to do all they can to achieve a health-promoting environment for all.

Cancer Prevention in Action

AICR, along with our partners in the WCRF global network, is working to influence policy changes that make it easier for people to make the kind of healthy choices that can help prevent cancer.

UN Assembly

AICR's Policy Goals

How are we working to reduce the burden of cancer in the US?
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Policy & Action for Cancer Prevention — A US Perspective

Our evidence based recommendations for key groups in society who have responsibility for helping people to make healthy choices.
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UN Summit on NCDs

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for governments to take global action to reduce rates of cancer and other NCDs (non-communicable diseases). Find out how AICR is supporting the WCRF global network to ensure cancer prevention is a top priority.
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World Cancer Day

Every year, AICR works with other groups to raise international awareness about the growing global cancer crisis.
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