Cancer Research We Fund

AICR has contributed more than $105 million for innovative research conducted at universities, hospitals and research centers across the country. Read about the scientists and the work AICR supports.

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Our 2016 Grantees

A PDF of what AICR-funded scientists are investigating.


Our 2015 Grantees

Meet our 2015 grantees, who are investigating a range of topics in cancer prevention and survivorship.

Test Tubes with Chart

Our 2014 Grantees

How does folate, walnuts, or vitamin D affect your cancer risk? Can a ketogenic diet or a certain types of foods help survivors? AICR-supported scientists are working to answer these questions.

Brain Neurons

Our 2013 Grantees

How does fish oil, walnuts, or a mother's diet affect cancer risk? This year's AICR grantees are working to find out.