Put Portions in Proportion

Keep in mind that even foods that are low in calorie-density can cause you to gain weight, if you eat them in large amounts.

Over the last twenty years, restaurant portions have ballooned. That’s a problem, because studies show that we tend to eat what we’re served.

When dining in:

  • Use smaller bowls and plates.
  • Read the Nutrition Facts label, and be sure to check the serving size first. All the other figures on the label apply to that amount.
  • Pick a food and serve yourself your usual portion. Now, take a measuring cup and measure out the standard serving size, according to the USDA. Note the difference. If you’re overweight, think about bringing your usual portions more closely in line with the standard serving.

When dining out:

  • Super-sizing and value meals are two ways that fast food restaurants attempt to pit our wallets against our waistlines. These marketing ploys make weight control more difficult, so don’t buy into them.
  • When presented with an oversized restaurant meal, ask for a doggie bag right away, and remove half the food from your plate.


Plate with Right Proportions