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Alternative Sandwich Ideas

Sandwiches don’t have to be loaded down with processed meats and fatty condiments to be delicious. Try these healthy alternatives to everyday favorites:

The Classic Club
Compliment the original roast turkey breast with vegetable toppings. Instead of bacon, try a layer of avocado. Replace full-fat mayonnaise with a new condiment like Dijon mustard or fruit chutney.

Italian Sub
Bring the Mediterranean style back to this lunchtime staple. Leave the meat out and marinate canned artichoke hearts in olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead. Grill some slicced onions and red and green peppers before adding them to the sandwich. Finish with a handful of pitted olives and enjoy on a whole-grain baguette. Delizioso!

Toss this infamous concoction of who-knows-what and replace it with freshly roasted chicken. Chicken is versatile because it compliments a range of healthy veggie toppings. Use dinner leftovers to refresh your sandwich meat choices and you’ll never go back to this mystery meat again.

Other Ideas:

Tuna Salad
Mix up this favorite by using low fat mayonnaise, celery and fresh spinach. Enjoy on a whole-wheat pita.

Try it with cranberry relish and sliced apples on toasted multigrain bread.

Try chicken breast, hummus and red onions in a whole-wheat sandwich wrap.

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