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These columns are no longer being published, but archived articles, and their useful information, are published below.

Nutrition Notes and Nutrition Wise

Were weekly column by Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN, discussing the latest hot topics in the field of diet, nutrition and cancer.

See Karen's current column HealthTalk.

Ever Green, Ever Healthy

Ever Green, Ever Healthy provided newspapers, newsletters and corporate and organizational publications with brief feature stories about better health, good nutrition and cancer prevention.

All AICR press materials, including these articles, are free for use and may be used without additional permission. Please credit the American Institute for Cancer Research as the source.

Nutrition Notes

NN: Chronic Inflammation: The Elephant in the Room of Our Health Health Features: January 11, 2010 NN: More Vegetables, More Colors Health Features: January 11, 2010 NN: Coupons: Helping or Hurting Healthy Eating Goals? Health Features: November 13, 2009 NN: A Call to Reduce Added Sugars by 30 to 50 Percent Health Features: November 13, 2009 NN: Are You Having an Energy Crisis? Health Features: October 15, 2009 NN: Is Vegetarian Healthier? Health Features: October 15, 2009 NN: Reality Check on Exercise and Weight Health Features: October 15, 2009 NN: Raising Vegetable Eaters Health Features: October 15, 2009 NN: The Reasons We Eat Health Features: October 15, 2009 NN: Reducing Breast Cancer Risk: Which Steps Are Best? Health Features: October 1, 2009 NN: Trans Fat Traps Health Features: September 27, 2009 NN: Secrets for a Flat Belly? Health Features: September 14, 2009 NN: Using the Rating Game When Grocery Shopping Health Features: September 14, 2009 NN: A Healthy Deskfast Health Features: September 14, 2009 NN: School Fundraisers: Supporting or Undermining Health Messages? Health Features: August 13, 2009 NN: Seafood Choices for Your Health and a Healthy World Health Features: August 13, 2009 NN: Diabetes Prevention: Never Too Old Health Features: August 13, 2009 NN: More Fruits & Veggies: Talk But No Action Health Features: July 14, 2009 NN: Changing the Picture for Senior Cancer Survivors Health Features: July 14, 2009 NN: Weight Gain in Pregnancy: How Much, How Little? Health Features: July 14, 2009

Nutrition Wise

NW: Questions about winter squashes, fresh v. frozen berries, Coenzyme Q10 Health Features: December 2, 2009 NW: Questions about selenium and diabetes, eating breakfast, nutrition information in blogs Health Features: November 13, 2009 NW: Questions about bacon, gluten-free diet, cream soups Health Features: November 13, 2009 NW: Questions about when to exercise, nutrition influencing genetics, juice Health Features: November 13, 2009 NW: Questions about body pH and cancer, METs, stevia Health Features: November 13, 2009 NW: Questions about heating olive oil, lifestyle and prostate health, storing breast milk Health Features: November 4, 2009 NW: Questions about oatmeal and cholesterol, dark v. milk chocolate, tonic and club soda Health Features: October 15, 2009 NW: Questions about chamomile tea, slow cooking options, pressed tofu Health Features: October 15, 2009 NW: Questions about omega-3 in mussels, "best by" dates, weight and menopause symptoms Health Features: October 15, 2009 NW: Questions about high-fat cheese, diglycerides, breast cancer survivors and soy Health Features: October 14, 2009 NW: Questions about the Banana Diet, stores spraying produce, lymphoma and diet Health Features: September 30, 2009 NW: Questions about nuts, matcha green tea, lentils v. dried beans Health Features: September 14, 2009 NW: Questions about sodium in celery, veggie pizza, crab cakes Health Features: September 14, 2009 NW: Questions about breakfast sandwiches, flax seed v. hemp seed, tortillias v. bread Health Features: September 14, 2009 NW: Questions about tailgating choices, homemade hummus, garlic and medications Health Features: September 14, 2009 NW: Questions about asparagus as cancer fighter, farro, beer and weight gain Health Features: August 13, 2009 NW: Questions about phytosterols, whey protein and prostate cancer, Parkinson's risk and diet Health Features: August 13, 2009 NW: Questions about grilled fruits, cancer survivor diet, muffin mixes Health Features: August 3, 2009 NW: Questions about Eco-Atkins diet, brown mushrooms, calories in sushi Health Features: July 16, 2009 NW: Questions about Western diet and cancer, herbs and spices for salt, macadamia nut oil Health Features: July 14, 2009

Ever Green, Ever Healthy

New Cancer Prevention Campaign Starts with Kids Press Release: December 12, 2012 Coffee Not Linked to Cancer, Say Experts December 11, 2012 Soy is Safe for Breast Cancer Survivors Press Release: November 15, 2012 After the Smokeout: Cancer Experts Offer Tips to Avoid Weight Gain After Kicking the Habit Press Release: November 13, 2012 For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Cancer Experts Highlight Alcohol Press Release: October 10, 2012 New Report: Thousands of Pancreatic Cancers in the U.S. Can Be Prevented Press Release: October 4, 2012 Cancer Now Top Cause of Death Among Hispanics AICR In the News: September 21, 2012 AICR Introduces CancerResource: Living With Cancer Press Release: September 12, 2012 FEATURED NEWS: AICR, Cancer Research and Telemarketing AICR In the News: September 12, 2012 IN THE NEWS: Setting the Record Straight: AICR, Cancer Research, and Telemarketing Press Release: September 12, 2012 FEATURED NEWS: All About Cherries, The Sweet and the Tart AICR In the News: August 31, 2012 Experts: 7 in 10 Endometrial Cancers Don’t Have to Happen Press Release: August 29, 2012 Experts Reveal World’s Largest Database on Lifestyle-Cancer Links Press Release: August 28, 2012 IN THE NEWS: Obesity Links to Worse Outcomes for Breast Cancer Survivors AICR In the News: August 27, 2012 IN THE NEWS: Five Quick Back-To-School Breakfasts from AICR Press Release: August 21, 2012 Media Availability: Cancer Expert Coming to Indianapolis to Speak on Cancer-Diabetes Link Press Release: July 25, 2012 IN THE NEWS: Supreme Court's Healthcare Decision AICR In the News: June 28, 2012 CancerResource June 13, 2012 IN THE NEWS: Cancer Prevention in Action: Bloomberg, Disney Take Bold Steps AICR In the News: June 6, 2012 IN THE NEWS: 5 Quick, Healthy Back-to-School Breakfasts AICR In the News: May 28, 2012
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