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Doing More With Gifts of Stocks and Bonds

Charitable donations can take many forms, from the loose change you drop into a collection basket to carefully planned donations of significant size with important tax and financial implications. Many people, unfortunately, fail to recognize the financial benefits that can come through a contribution of appreciated property, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

When you write a check to make a donation to a charity such as the American Institute for Cancer Research, your donation gives you an income tax deduction. But if you made the same donation with appreciated assets, you receive a double tax benefit. You will get the immediate income tax deduction and avoid the capital gains tax that would be owed if that asset was sold by you.

When you donate stocks, bonds or mutual funds, you receive a tax deduction for the full, current fair market value of the property donated (assuming you have held the property for more than one year). It does not matter that you may have only paid $6,000 several years ago for a stock that is now worth $18,000. That $18,000 figure will be your charitable donation. As importantly, the $12,000 in taxable capital gains that you would face if you sold that stock does not apply when you transfer the stock as a contribution to a charity. And because, in most cases, the stocks or bonds or mutual fund shares can be easily transferred to AICR, you can also avoid the commission expense that would normally be due for the sale of the property.

For information on how to make donations of appreciated assets in support of the cancer research and education programs of the American Institute for Cancer Research and on the significant tax benefits such gifts can bring, please contact our Planned Giving Staff.

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