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Personal Planning Ideas

New Tax Laws Coming?
Unless Congress acts, federal income taxes could rise sharply in 2013.  Why?  Because various tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 will “sunset” after December 31, 2012. . . more

Should You Maximize Charitable Deductions in 2012?
People don’t give to worthwhile organizations just to save taxes.  But tax savings clearly enable donors to do more with their generosity . . . more

Hidden Assets for Giving
Donors sometimes own assets that are no longer needed for financial security, and could achieve greater significance as contributions. . . more

Time to Review Your Investments
A review of your investments in the coming months may create tax-saving opportunities . . . more

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July 2012 Archive
Charitable Lead Trusts:  Rare But Well Done
Women and Financial Planning 
Five Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Will   
I Have a Will – Do I Also Need a Living Trust?

June 2012 Archive
Choosing Your Executor
Create Your Own “Charitable IRA” 
IRS Reports on What People Give   
Planning for Someone to Handle Your Finances

May 2012 Archive
Quick Quiz on Estate Planning
Lifelong Strategies for Effective Philanthropy 
Discussing Estate Planning with Offspring   
Planning a Will that Makes You Feel Good!

April 2012 Archive
Best Gift Opportunities in 2012
Gifts of Corporate Bonds
Are CDs Nearing Maturity? Consider a Charitable Gift Annuity
What Is a Codicil?

March 2012 Archive
How Much Will Probate Cost Your Estate?
Which of Your Assets Will Be Subject to Probate?
Bargain Sales Let You Share Investment Success
Marrying Again?  See a Financial Planner

February 2012 Archive
Contribution Strategy if Congress Delays Extending the IRA Gift Law
Avoiding Accidental Disinheritance
A True Pioneer in “Leaving a Legacy”
Coping with Low Interest Rates

January 2012 Archive
Providing for a Spouse and Our Future, Too
Charitable Remainder Trusts for “Special Needs” Beneficiaries
The Satisfaction of Memorial Gifts
The Will the State Has Written for You

December 2011 Archive
Window of Opportunity on Charitable Gift Annuities
Will Charitable Giving Tax Incentives Be Reduced?
Planning after the Death of a Spouse
A Word about Guardianships
Life Insurance Gifts:  They’re Not All or Nothing
A Retirement Savings Tip from the Polar Explorers

November 2011 Archive
Will Your Estate Owe State Death Taxes?
Bonus Tax Savings from Direct IRA Gifts
Creating Charitable Gift Annuities from Retirement Accounts
Don’t Let Probate Cause Problems for Your Family  

October 2011 Archive
Cancel a Tax Curse through Wise Estate Planning
Using IRAs for Charitable Bequests Helps Nontaxable Estates, Too 
Touch the Future with Your Estate Plan   

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