Colorectal Cancer Survivorship

There are now over 1.1 million colorectal cancer survivors in the US alone, living longer, healthier lives than ever before. Approximately two thirds of those diagnosed with colorectal cancer are living five years or more beyond diagnosis. 

Yet after treatment, many survivors of colorectal canccer face physical and psychological challenges. Colorectal cancer survivors are at higher risk for developing secondary cancers, bone damage and other health conditions. 

Decades of research have resulted in clear recommendations for reducing the risk of many cancers, including colorectal cancer. There is less research focusing on lifestyle’s impact on survivorship, yet it is a fast-growing area of study.

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Recommendations for Survivors

After treatment, AICR recommends that cancer survivors follow our recommendations for cancer prevention when and if you are able to do so. These recommendations also reduce the risk of other chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. 

AICR's Recommendations for Cancer Prevention

Based on the global review of the research, here are the steps linked to lower risk of the most common cancers.

Resources that can help

Throughout your treatment, and after its over, you will face many everyday questions. AICR can help.

AICR's CancerResource: A Program for Those Living with Cancer is a free toolkit of information specifically for the newly diagnosed cancer patient. Developed with an Advisory Committee of experts, AICR CancerResource's offers worksheets and guidance on eating and being active both during and after treatment.

You can download the digital toolkit for free. To see inside pages and purchase a hardcopy of the handbook, visit our store.

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