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Join other Americans ages 50 and older in taking control of your cancer risk by shifting your eating and activity habits.

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Download, print, and keep the It’s Never too Late plans to help you stay on track through the next 12 months.

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 My Fitness Plan Find out your current fitness level by answering some simple questions. Then set realistic goals and track your progress.

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 My Plate Plan How healthy are your eating habits? Use our guide to find out and help you set simple healthy eating goals.

Learn How to Make Changes

Download a PDF or order a free copy of AICR brochures that will arm you with the information you need to get started – and keep going – eating healthy and moving more.

Take the first steps to adding physical activity into your day.

 Start Where You Are brochure coverStart Where You Are
The first brochure in a 3-part series designed to motivate you toward getting more activity than you do right now.

Nutrition after 50Nutrition After 50: Tips and Recipes
Learn how to eat healthier for better health, improved energy, and cancer prevention.
The New American PlateThe New American Plate
Try AICR’s simple strategy to eat healthier by looking at your plate.

Learn how to Take Control of Your Cancer Risk

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