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Use AICR’s clear, easy-to-read and evidence-based information to help your patients make healthy diet, weight and physical activity choices for cancer prevention and survivorship.

Culinary Translation in Breast Cancer Care and Survivorship

Cancer Resesarch Conference 2016
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A Toolkit to Share for Cancer Prevention Month!

Join AICR in sharing the empowering message about cancer prevention. Download our Can Prevent Toolkit (pdf) for infographics and inspirational messages you can share on social media and with patients.

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The Facts About Cancer: Facts vs. Fears

This brochure is a guide to separate what we know from what we don't know when deciding how to live for lower cancer risk.

Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

This brochure contains some answers for eating challenges that can occur during treatment. It explains steps to maintain a healthy appetite and energy level.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

This booklet is about making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that you can start doing today.