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Healthy Workplace Dining

In the last issue, we explored workplace cafeterias. We received dozens of responses. One interesting note: in this survey, most cafeterias offer healthy items, but there is not always an effort to promote or highlight the healthy items. Half of the workplace cafeterias discount healthy food and provide nutritional information, but only 28% actively promote the healthy items.

  1. February is National Cancer Prevention Month. Can you answer this question? Roughly, how many cancer cases could be prevented every year simply by eating smart, staying lean, and moving more?(% of answers submitted)
    • 50,000 (6%)
    • 150,000 (28%)
    • 250,000 (33%)
    • 350,000 (33%)
  2. Do you have a cafeteria in your work place?
    • Yes 38%
    • No 62%
  3. For those with cafeterias:
    Do you offer healthy items?
    • Yes 85%
    • No 15%
  4. Do you discount healthy items?
    • Yes 50%
    • No 50%
  5. Do you provide nutritional information for your menu?
    • Yes 50%
    • No 50%
  6. Does your menu indicate which items are healthy?
    • Yes 28%
    • No 72%
  7. What kinds of positive results do you see from offering healthy items?
    • Although there is not a cafeteria at our workplace, many individuals consistently make wise choices in an effort to promote health and minimize cancer risk. We do have vending machines that offer some healthy options. Also, when vendors bring in breakfast for the staff, they often choose healthier options – as they have found that donuts are not well received here. Fruit and bagels are more commonly offered now.
    • The salad and salad bar are popular. And I am able to have the vegetables from the entree alone or atop my salad, but most aren't aware or comfortable with asking for the healthy choices they prefer. A new fruit and granola bar was added and is doing very well.
    • Many employees appreciate the opportunity to make an informed decision on their meals.
    • Wellness and fitness are all in one. We are presently starting a wellness program for staff at work.
    • Energy level is better. Better weight management.
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