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Guidelines for Cancer Prevention

Guidelines for Cancer PreventionEvery day, we make hundreds of choices about how we will live and what we will do. Our choices have consequences, and that's true even when it comes to developing a serious illness like cancer. We used to believe that cancer was only caused by heredity and perhaps chance contact with pollutants in the air, in water, or in food. But today we know that many factors we can control have a lot to do with the risk of developing this terrible disease.

In Guidelines for Cancer Prevention, the featured brochure for this issue of Health at Work, 21 world-renowned experts have come up with 10 evidence-based recommendations for preventing cancer. So that you don't have to read the 7,000 studies from around the world that they did, AICR has grouped these recommendations into three realistic guidelines that you can think about and gradually adopt as principles to reduce your chances of developing cancer.

  1. Choose mostly plant foods, limit red meat, and avoid processed meat.
  2. Be physically active every day in any way for 30 minutes or more.
  3. Aim to be a healthy weight throughout life.

Following any one of these guidelines is likely to reduce your chances of getting cancer. But following all three offers the greatest protection, in part because they are so closely related to each other.

By following these three guidelines you will be choosing to follow an integrated program. This may require some basic changes in what you eat and what you do. But the effort will be worth it because they will lead to a leaner, healthier body, greater vigor, and less chance that you will develop cancer or other serious diseases like diabetes.

Guidelines for Cancer Prevention can be ordered in bulk or downloaded as a single PDF.

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