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KIND Wants Us All to Snack Healthy

KIND employees runningIn 2004, Daniel Lubetzky was frustrated by the lack of healthy, tasty, convenient snacks available to fuel his busy lifestyle. Coupled with his concerns about the rising obesity and diabetes epidemic in America, Lubetzky, the founder of PeaceWorks, Inc. – a business that pursues both profit and peace through sales of healthful food products produced by neighbors on opposing sides of political or armed conflicts – decided to launch KIND, a brand of all-natural snacks "made from ingredients you can see and pronounce." Today, KIND products, including KIND Bars, KIND Healthy Grains Clusters, and KIND Healthy Grains Bars, are sold in more than 80,000 stores nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Safeway.

Lubetzky's business philosophy coincides with his social philosophy, says Senior Director of Communications Elle Stassen. "Equally important to KIND is how we look to inspire and celebrate kindness in our world, which all stems from Daniel’s passion to make the world a kinder, more peaceful place," says Stassen. "Every day, we look to do just that through the ways we live, work, give back, and ask our community to do the same. A kinder world = a better world."

That philosophy translates into the concern the company shows its employees as well.

KIND's motto is "to do the KIND thing for your body, your taste buds and your world™. While it does not have an official company wellness program, Stassen says, it does look for simple ways to promote living a healthier lifestyle, such as a “Monthly Running Team” in which some of its headquarter employees get together after work and run throughout New York City. "It’s fun, it’s active, and it’s a great way to bond outside the office!" says Stassen.

Needless to say, healthy snacking isn't hard to do at KIND's offices.

There's a kitchen stocked full of KIND bars and other wholesome snacks. Beyond that, each employee is a member of the KIND Advantage Program, and receives a shipment of KIND products to fill them up outside of the office.

For the most part, KIND employees eat and snack healthfully around the office, but like most work spaces, says Stassen, there are times when they come together to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other milestone events with cupcakes, ice cream, and the like. "While this is certainly not the norm, we believe it is only natural to treat yourself and enjoy life’s special moments. It’s all about moderation!" says Stassen.

Because all employees (called team members) at KIND are considered "brand ambassadors," they are constantly aware that they are each a reflection of the company. "Just this simple reminder makes it easier for all of us to try to lead this healthier, active lifestyle," says Stassen, who suggests that you don't have to work for a healthy snack company to encourage good eating habits both in the workplace and at home.

"Be a facilitator for healthy living," Stassen advises. "Whether you are a healthy company or not, you can still think and act like one, in and outside the office. Host a monthly yoga class; plan a healthy cooking seminar; encourage your employees to get out of the office to exercise at lunch," she says. "The possibilities are endless, exciting, and fun."


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