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AICR Health @ Work

November 2013 | Issue 11 

In This Issue:

  1. KIND Snacks
  2. Healthy Food Options
  3. Healthy Stuffing
  4. Comfort Foods

Cancer Prevention Venn

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Announcing a New Way To Support AICR

AICR is excited to announce that Retail Benefits, an online shopping platform, can help save you money when shopping with major retailers such as Target, Kohls, Best Buy AND enable you to help support AICR. By shopping with the Retail Benefits, Inc. Shopping Assistant, you earn 1-40% cashback at over 5,000 online retailers. For every dollar cashback that you receive, AICR will receive the same amount.

Learn more about
Retail Benefits.

Older Woman Hiking

The Link between Diabetes and Cancer…
and Reducing the Risk of Both

Though diabetes and cancer are not always preventable, there are many lifestyle changes we can make to lower our risk of developing either or both diseases.


Runners from Kind Snacks

KIND, a brand of all-natural snacks, looks for simple ways to promote living a healthier lifestyle for its employees.

Whole Fruits Vegs on a Plate

A new study suggests that regularly eating a diet high fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods may by itself lower the risk of breast cancer.


Cranberries are good sources of vitamin C and dietary fiber and like walnuts they have antioxidant properties. Together they're healthy addition to a holiday classic.

NAP Comfort Foods

Traditionally our favorite comfort foods are high in calories and fat. With a little tweaking, these old stand-bys can still be part of a healthy diet.

generic meeting of conference gathering

The Holiday season is approaching. Use these tips to host a healthy holiday party (or meeting any time of year) for your office. Download the PDF

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