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In the Research Spotlight:
Updates on Pancreatic and Ovarian Cancers

pouring cola from a red can into a glassLinking Pancreatic Cancer to Soda

Here’s another reason to curb your soda habit. Drinking two or more sodas a week may significantly increase the risk of pancreatic cancer compared to drinking no soft drinks, according to a new study recently published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention. Pancreatic cancer is a relatively rare cancer but is the fourth leading cause of cancer death as it is difficult to detect. Though researchers admit that more studies are needed, they point out that soft drink consumption also ties to many other unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Healthy Diets Helping Ovarian Cancer Survivors

Because ovarian cancer has few symptoms, it is often diagnosed in the late stages, when survivorship is more difficult. A new study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, however, suggests that those who do survive and who were eating healthy diets before diagnosis may have longer survival times than those with poor diets. Overall, a plant-based diet recommended for cancer prevention was linked with improved survival. Higher total fruit and vegetable consumption, and higher vegetable consumption alone led to a survival advantage. Likewise, researchers also noted a statistically significant improvement in survival with the consumption of the healthier grains. Higher intake of less-healthy meats (including hot dogs, hamburgers, and bacon) was associated with a shorter survival time.

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