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Away From the Desk:
7 Habits for Weight Loss Success

Woman Taking Fruit from bowlIf you’re a woman “of a certain age,” and you think losing weight is going to be difficult if not impossible, don’t despair. Research on weight loss in postmenopausal women has identified specific behaviors for successful weight loss.

The following 7 strategies worked for women who participated in weight loss research studies; they may work for you too.

  1. Eat Dessert Half as Often. You don’t have to eliminate them completely, but researchers found that the women who lost the most weight and kept it off were eating, on average, only about 7 desserts per month.
  2. Get the Sugary Beverages Out. Those women who eliminated sweetened beverages lost weight and kept it off.
  3. Color Your Plate with More Veggies and Fruit. This strategy was the biggest winner. Women who lost the most weight in research studies upped their vegetables and fruit servings from less than 4 to more than 5 per day. (An easy way to get more of these cancer-fighting foods in your diet is to sign up to receive AICR’s weekly Health-e-Recipe.)
  4. Forgo the Fried Foods. A particularly concentrated source of fat and calories, eating them less often can make a big difference. Better yet, try to eliminate them completely (an occasional splurge is OK).
  5. Moderate the Meat and Cheese. Eat fewer meats and cheeses. Use AICR’s New American Plate as a model to help moderate animal protein.
  6. Enjoy Fish More Often. The most successful losers increased their “fish” meals from about 4 servings a month to about 5-6. Substituting fish for higher fat meats means fewer calories and an added heart health benefit.
  7. Start by Eating at Home. One of the first steps toward losing weight may be to eat at home more often, at least when you’re starting a weight loss program. As time goes by and you become more comfortable and familiar with what and how to eat, you’ll be able to adapt those strategies even when dining out.


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