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January 2018 | Issue 138

The Gift that Pays You Income for Life

Wes Hauck Wes Hauck was a firm supporter of AICR. He was retired and needed more income. The answer was a lifetime of monthly income from a Cancer Fighter’s Gift Annuity. If you are age 72, a Cancer Fighter Annuity is currently providing rate of 5.4%.
food trends

2018 Food Trends: New Twists to Mix It Up

Thousands of new food products pop up every year, but few stick around. Check out our picks for the 2018 food trends that can help you add variety and new flavors to your cancer protective, plant-based diet.

obesity infographic

Fitness You Can Stick With

We all know regular activity has positive health effects. So why is it so hard to change your routine come the New Year? To help you make real, sustainable changes, here are 5 fitness tips you’ll stick with.


Make Your New Years’ Resolutions SMART

The start of a New Year generally brings with it a renewed interest in living a healthier lifestyle. Accomplish your goals this year with these simple, smart tips.

binder on a table

Feature: 7 Healthy Habits for Successful Weight Loss

Is weight-loss your resolution for 2018? Set yourself up for success with these seven healthy habits for losing weight and keeping it off. Number 5 might just surprise you!

roasted vegetables

New Year, New Food

Want an easy resolution? Try putting something different on your plate. We have the perfect recipe to ease you into trying new, healthy foods this year.

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