Top Cancer Prevention Stories of 2017

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New cancer research reports, Americans’ cancer risk awareness and plant-based diets proved to be AICR’s hot topics in 2017. Here we revisit these important findings and practical tips to help you take healthy steps toward a more cancer-protective lifestyle.

1. Half of Americans Don’t Know One of the Biggest Cancer Risks
AICR’s 2017 Cancer Risk Awareness Survey unveiled that confusing headlines about cancer risk leave many Americans unaware of what the proven lifestyle risks are. For example, only half of Americans know that having obesity increases risk for 11 cancers, second only to smoking in lifestyle risks. But, nearly all Americans are aware that tobacco and excessive exposure to sun increase cancer risk. Here we review what we know and where our gaps are in understanding cancer risk.

2. Preventing Colorectal Cancer
In September, AICR/WCRF released our latest CUP report on colorectal cancer. For the first time, research shows that eating three servings of whole grains daily lowers risk for that cancer. Being active helps protect against colon cancer. Processed meats, alcohol and having overweight or obesity increase risk for this cancer. Read more and see how you can make simple changes to lower your risk.

3. What is a plant-based diet? AICR’s take
Plant-based diet is a popular term, encompassing vegan to flexitarian diets. AICR’s plant based diet – embodied in the New American Plate - is derived from our evidence-based recommendations that focus on filling most of your plate with whole grains, vegetables, beans, fruit and other plant foods. See our take here.

4. New AICR Report Highlights Three Steps To Lower Breast Cancer Risk
The AICR/WCRF CUP report on Breast Cancer made global headlines with the finding that one small drink daily increases risk for this cancer. What didn’t get so much attention is that brisk walking lowers risk for both pre- and post-menopausal breast cancers. And moderate physical activity protects against post-menopausal breast cancer – the most common type of breast cancer.

5. Puppies and Cancer Prevention
In February, Deirdre wrote about how she found a delightful and family friendly way to boost physical activity – for herself and her daughter. This story represents how thousands of Americans find ways to make healthy, cancer-protective choices by building a new habit into their lives. Check out one family’s new habit.

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