Dietitian Spotlight: Take Control of Your Health

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For more than 30 years, Joan Stollberger has worked with patients diagnosed with diabetes, cancer or obesity to create lasting changes in their overall health. As a registered dietitian, she understands that by eating healthy and staying active, we have the power to potentially prevent or delay many cancers.

“Being healthy empowers people – they feel like they can take control, which is liberating,” says Joan.

Joan lost her mom, mother-in-law and good friends to cancer. Moved by these deaths, she has become an advocate for cancer prevention research and awareness because she doesn’t want others to suffer. Joan states, “Unlike other organizations, AICR is putting true prevention in peoples mind – helping people take steps to improve their health.”

Joan works every day with her patients to help them feel empowered. They arrive at her office overwhelmed and frustrated with their new diagnosis and a lack of information provided by their physician. “I often just listen to them to understand what they are looking for. Sometimes they are brought to tears during a session because they feel so burdened and finally have the chance to speak about it.”

Joan helps her patients better understand their diagnosis and set a plan that they can easily put into practice.

Joan’s favorite AICR’s publications are Cancer Fighters in Your Food, Nutrition for Healthy Aging, Facts about Red and Processed Meats, Guide to Herbs and Spices and AICR’s many simple quick recipes. She encourages her patients to cook often, eat whole foods and avoid fast foods. Her go-to recipe is anything with less than five ingredients – the simpler the better.

Joan also enjoys cooking herself. As a kid, she ate mostly canned vegetables like peas and carrots. Now, she loves avocados, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and tropical fruits, such as starfruit, papaya and mangoes. Her favorite AICR recipes include Sweet Potato and Spinach Turkey Burgers and Pomegranate Salad, which she makes for special occasions.

Joan is taking steps to not only help her clients, but her community as well by hosting local health talks. She wants everyone to know one simple message: you can lower your cancer risk through everyday lifestyle choices.

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