30-Second Fitness: A Healthy Guide to Binge Watching

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If cold weather and new shows have sucked you in to binge watching, it’s time to get creative: seize this opportunity to break it up and move more. We’ve compiled six, 30-second exercises that will  interrupt your sitting – but not the show - and get you closer to meeting AICR’s activity recommendation for cancer prevention.

Set a timer to alert you every 30 minutes to get up and get moving. Keep your timer handy to start with one bout of 30 seconds every half hour. Aim for some combination of exercises below that will get you moving for 5 minutes.

Get everyone involved - challenge friends and family to join you and make it a friendly competition.

1. Jumping Jacks: Just 30 seconds of jumping jacks will boost your heart rate and give you a workout for both your upper and lower body.
Challenge: increase the number of jumps you do each time.

2. Plank:
Planks help strengthen your core – back and abdominal – muscles. Start with a 30-second and work up to one minute. Begin with the front plank and later on, try a side plank. Here’s how:

  • Front plank: Begin lying flat on your stomach. Bend arms at the elbows to support your upper body, centering the elbows under the shoulders. Lift body off the ground, using abdominal strength and toes to hold yourself up, keeping the back straight.
  • Side plank: Lie on your side with left leg on top of the right. Raise upper body and place right elbow beneath the right shoulder. Your elbow should be bent at a 90-degree angle and resting on the ground. Repeat on left side.

Challenge: work up to one minute.

3. Lunges:  Standing lunges will help you develop balance and strengthen your lower body. Here’s how:

  • With one leg, step backward until the thigh of the forward leg is parallel to the ground or as far as feels comfortable. Your back knee should come close to the floor but not touch it. Push with the front leg, driving your heel into the floor, return to the starting position.

3-Minute Office Workouts

Check out these workplace exericse ideas that you can do at home.

4. Wall Sit: A wall sit is perfect to help you focus and it’s a workout for your legs. Here’s how:

  • Stand up against a wall and bend your knees until they’re at 90-degrees, with your back flush against a wall. It’s also called the invisible chair. Start with 30 seconds (or however long you can hold it).

5. Pushups: This boosts upper body strength and can also work your abs. Choose the regular or modified. Aim for 15 in 30 seconds!

Modified Pushups
Start on your hands and knees with your hands just outside shoulder-width and slightly forward of your shoulders. Make sure your kneew are directly aligned with your hips. Keep your abdomen tight and your spine in a neutral position.

  • INHALE: Bend your elbows and lower chest to 90 degrees at the elbows.
  • EXHALE: Push up so that your arms are straight, making sure your elbows aren’t completely locked.

Start with hands shoulder-width apart on the floor and up on your toes, so that your body is supported. Keep your body as straight as possible.

  • INHALE: Bend your elbows and lower chest to 90 degrees at the elbows.
  • EXHALE: Push up so that your arms are straight, making sure your elbows aren’t completely locked.

6. Jog or March in Place: Set a pace you feel comfortable with, then set a timer and start. Work a little harder by lifting your knees high. Keep it up for 30 seconds or more.

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