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Spring Exercise Trends

activity and cancer riskNow that the weather's getting nicer, it’s time to come out of hibernation and get active! If the regular fitness routine isn't your thing, you're in luck – this spring new exercise trends are all about working activity into your day in fun, new ways.

The research is clear – studies show that regular activity can help you get to and stay a healthy weight, strengthen the immune system and lower risk for certain cancers.


Check out some of these creative ways to get active:

Fusion Everything

Two workouts in one can help strengthen a unique combination of muscle groups. Strength training can help build muscle mass, increase metabolism, build bone density and reduce pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Look for these classes to ease into the trend:

Cy-Yo: A combination of cardio-intense cycling and stretch-focused yoga.

Cardiolates: All the stregth-building of Pilates mixed with the cardio of a spin class.

Dance Fitness

Zumba kicked off the dance fitness trend a few years back, but this spring look for global-inspired dances from around the world. A range of options are great for those who want to workout at their own pace to a fun beat. Music can be a great motivator so opt for one of these high-energy classes:

Bollywood: This class gets its name from the Hindi film industry and often pairs fast-paced movements to popular Bollywood music.

Barre: This ballet-inspired class uses the barre to practice strength-building exercises.

Run Away!

So you’re ready to try a race, but you need a bit more motivation? We've got you covered. New theme races are popping up everywhere. For a small fee, Zombies and vampires will literally chase you to the finish line. Other fun social runs include the electric race, which takes place at night, lit by glow sticks and the color run where spectators toss powdered color as runner pass. These events are the most fun when you make them social – grab a friend and browse this list of upcoming races:


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