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5 Top Summer Activities to Get (and Stay) Moving

older man an woman biking in the sun

Summertime. There’s no better time to get – and stay – active than now.

Being active for 30 minutes or more every day reduces the risk of several cancers, along with other chronic diseases. If you need more reasons, there’s also research that suggests exercise can help make you feel better and look better. And it’s fun.

To give you new ideas for activities or to get you going, we’ve put together our five most popular activity articles.

1.    Dive right in
If you’re looking for a physical activity to help you beat the heat, step into a pool (or ocean). Our physical activity expert answers some common questions about swimming, including whether it will help you lose weight.
Read our Swimming Q&A

2.    Cross a finish line
For a lot of people, having a 5K or fun-run coming up on the calendar makes it a lot easier to get jogging. Here, our expert shares the basics you’ll need to lace up those shoes and get out the door and make your jaunt safe.
Read Coach's Corner: Training For a Fun Run

3.    Baseball Munchies as Exercise
Watching baseball games and eating ballpark food can also get you thinking how you can work it off. Here, we let you know.
Read Rating Ballpark Munchies

4.    Just Like Riding a Bike
If you haven’t ridden a bike for years, we can help. Your body will likely remember how to bike and it’s a great time to go riding. Here, you’ll find answers to questions on why biking may be right for you and how do it safely.
Read Coach’s Corner: Getting Back on a Bike

5.    Get toned by the Minute
Pack a resistance band on your summer trip and get in some strength training moves anytime, anywhere. This video shows you one-minute resistance exercises, you can do anytime, anywhere.

Watch One-Minute Exercises: Resistance Training

You can read more about how physical activity links to cancer risk, and take our quiz to see if you are active enough on our activity section.

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