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Healthy Summer Swaps
fruit infused water

Cancer-Fighting Swaps

Upgrade your health this summer with these simple swaps to help you eat better, move more and lower your cancer risk.

mushroom burger

SWAP OUT: Hamburger   

SUB IN: Mushroom

Instead of the standard beef patty, grill up a Portabella mushroom. Not only does it contain potassium and cancer-fighting phytochemicals, it can also help you cut down on red meat. Consuming too much red meat can raise risk for colorectal cancer so aim for no more than 18 ounces per week.

For more protein, pair with our three bean salad.

whole grain anatomy

SWAP OUT: White Bread

SUB IN: Whole Grains

Refined grains lack the important nutrients found in whole grains. The outer layer of a grain is rich in minerals, vitamins and important phytochemicals like phenols. They also pack dietary fiber to protect against colorectal cancer.

vitamins in whole foods

SWAP OUT: Supplements

SUB IN: Whole Foods

Taking a multivitamin can seem like the healthy choice, but you may be missing out on important compounds found in whole foods like fiber and phytochemicals.

In fact, research shows that taking high doses of some supplements can actually be harmful.

nap challenge

SWAP OUT: Fad Diets

SUB IN: Lifestyle Change

Fad diets are popular this time of year, promising quick, dramatic results. They are often overly restrictive and don’t hold up for the long term. Meet your weight-loss goals the healthy way by making small, daily changes with programs like our New American Plate Challenge.

Learn more about fad diets.

arugula in bowl

SWAP OUT: Iceberg Lettuce

SUB IN: A Better Salad

Replace nutrient-poor iceberg lettuce with greens that pack a more healthful punch like spinach, arugula and kale. Research has shown that dark leafy greens may protect against cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, and stomach while providing fiber, phytochemicals, and antioxidants.

Build a better salad.

veggies in pan

SWAP OUT: Dining Out

SUB IN: Home-cooked meals

Studies have found that cooking at home can cut down on your portions, calories and fat.

Need some help? We’ve got great healthy recipes to get you started.

soda facts

SWAP OUT: Soda and sugary drinks

SUB IN: Water and fruit-infused spritzers

On average, Americans consume about a can of soda a day -- 150 empty calories. These calories can contribute to excess weight gain, a factor in cancer risk.

Skip the sugar and opt for fruit-infused waters like strawberry-mint and lemon-basil.

berry parfait

SWAP OUT: Full-fat ice cream

SUB IN: Summer berry parfait

Nothing cools the hot summer days like a frozen treat. But ice cream can pack nearly 270 calories and 18 grams of fat into half a cup! Opt for lighter desserts like frozen yogurt, sorbet and our favorite, berry parfait.

More healthy summer treats.


SWAP OUT: Sitting breaks at your desk

SUB IN: Jaunts throughout the day

Research shows that inactivity plays a part in cancer risk. Breaking up sitting time can be just as important as getting that physical activity so set your alarm and move more throughout the day.

3-Minute Office Workouts.

Foods that Fight Cancer Basket

For more information:

See below for more information on fruit nutrition, eating them, and how they may reduce risk of cancer.

AICR's Foods that Fight Cancer™

Quiz: How Healthy is Your Diet?

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