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New American Plate Challenge: 12 Weeks to a Healthier You

New American Plate (NAP) ChallengeTake charge of your health with AICR’s New American Plate (NAP) Challenge, a twelve-week program that gets you eating smarter, moving more and losing weight. Based on our award-winning NAP program for cancer prevention, the challenge will help you see your plate in a whole new way.

The New American Plate is a research-based, visual way to proportion and portion the food on your plate to lower your cancer risk and help you lose weight healthfully. You’ll have your own page to track your progress, posts photos of your plate and share your story. The Spring Challenge begins soon so sign up now to start the warm-up.

How it Works

Each week you receive a new challenge – either for healthier eating or getting active. You’ll learn why this change is important – for lower cancer risk, to support a healthy weight and to be healthier overall. Look for tips and strategies that help you make the change along with recipes and links for more information.

Throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll learn how to make your plate look more and more like the New American Plate– 2/3 or more filled with plant-based foods and 1/3 or less with animal foods.

You’ll also learn how to get moving. Four challenges will help you find new ways to get more activity in your life – every day, throughout the day.

If you want a little extra guidance from an AICR registered dietitian (RD), sign up for the premium level to receive some personalized coaching.

NAP Challenge Community: Snap and Share

Making changes on your own can be difficult – even with the best ideas, tips and guidance. So you’ll have the opportunity to check in with others taking the challenge – post your triumphs, struggles or just check-in with your progress. We encourage “snapping and sharing”– take pictures of your plate to show how you’re moving toward the 2/3-1/3 model and post so others can see your progress.

Up for the Challenge?

There are 3 easy ways to join in. So grab a friend or a computer and sign up today!

  1. Free Web Version:
    • Weekly emails with challenge information and reminders
    • Access to online recipes, activity tips and weight loss strategies
    • Participate in the sharing forum
  2. Full Program with Starter Kit*
    • Weekly emails, online information and participate in sharing forum
    • Sample Menu Plans
    • Serving size guide and NAP Brochure
    • Exercise Stretch Band
    • Pedometer
  3. Premium Program*
    • Everything from the full program
    • "Lifeline" coaching session with a Registered Dietitian

*Note: These programs have limited enrollment so sign up today to ensure your spot.

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