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AICR/C-CAP SuperFoods Competitions

AICR is proud to partner with the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), which provides scholarships, education and career opportunity in the culinary arts to underserved youth. AICR/C-CAP Recipe Contests asks high school seniors across the country bring AICR’s recommendations to life. The three winning recipes each year receive scholarships totaling $10,000 from AICR.

AICR/C-CAP Challenge

This year's challenge: small plates/appetizers. Previous years have focused on appetizers and desserts.

contest winners collage

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AICR/C-CAP 2016 Winners

Congratulations to our winners and all the finalists.


Hannah Herrera

1st place: Hannah Herrera
Maricopa High School,
Maricopa, AZ

Jordyn Bray

2nd Place: Jordyn Bray,
Kellam High School
Hampton Roads, VA

Samantha Gaytan

3rd Place: Samantha Gaytan,
Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies,
Los Angeles, CA

AICR/C-CAP Winning Recipes

These winning small plates offer delicious, healthy and nutrient-rich dishes perfect for appetizers, parties, or a small meal.


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AICR/C-CAP Judging

Contestants were asked to make their appetizer, soup or salad with a few simple rules, along with following AICR Recipe Guidelines. Winning recipes:

  1. make 1 to 3 servings
  2. are primarily vegetarian with small amounts of fish or poultry
  3. have approximately 150-175 calories or less per serving
  4. include a variety of cancer-protective foods, such as non-starchy vegetables; fruits; dry beans, peas and soy foods; whole grains; nuts and seeds (no more than 1-2 tablespoons per recipe)

Our three culinary professional judges are:

  • Dana Jacobi, Cookbook Author and nationally-syndicated Food Columnist
  • Scott Uehlein, VP Product Innovation and Development, Sonic
  • Melanie Young, Author/Radio Host/Health Coach & Motivator

Dana Jacobi

Dana Jacobi

Scott Uehlein

Scott Uehlein

Melanie Young

Melanie Young

AICR/C-CAP Past Challenges

2015 Winners

Kristopher Lopez

1st place: Kristopher Lopez
Food and Finance High School,

New York City, NY

Jenna Kraus

2nd Place: Jenna Kraus,
Barry Goldwater High School
Phoenix, AZ

Margaret DeMarco

3rd Place: Margaret DeMarco,
Virginia Beach Technical and
Career Education Center,
Virginia Beach, VA

2014 Winners

Brynn Timmis

1st place: Bryn Timmis
Canyon De Oro High School,

Tucson, Arizona

Taylor Sterling

2nd Place: Taylor Sterling,
Princess Anne High School,
Hampton Roads, VA

Sofia Mendoza

3rd Place: Sofia Mendoza,
Food and Finance High School,
New York, NY


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AICR/C-CAP Competitions Sponsorship

Thanks to all of AICR/C-CCAP past sponsors.

If interested in sponsoring AICR Healthy Recipes, please contact Jodi Street at j.street@aicr.org

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Last Updated: 05/25/2016
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