Notes from the Field

AICR-supported scientists come from universities, research centers and universities across the country. Here are some of their stories.

Colon Cancer Cell
Lab Study Suggests Low Vitamin D Spurs Oral Cell Growth
A study funded by AICR focusing on oral cancers has found that - in mice - consuming a diet low in vitamin D results in cell proliferation, a hallmark of cancer development.

The Latest Findings on Supplements and Cancer Risk
Recommendations from a panel of experts and a major paper published this month find that for healthy adults, research continues to show to not rely on supplements for cancer prevention.

Sabrina Trudo
What to Eat with Your Burger? Scientist in the Spotlight
Interested in diet and cancer prevention, Sabrina Trudo, PhD, RD, is a nutrition scientist and AICR grantee. Her research on how vegetables affect carcinogens may someday help with meal planning.

Soy Isoflavones and Lung Cancer Treatment
Two new lab studies supported by AICR show that -- in mice -- isoflavones extracted from soybeans increase the effect of radiation to destroy lung tumors, while reducing radiation damage in healthy cells.

Scientist in the Spotlight
Excess body fat increases the risk of cancer, yet that risk may vary depending upon when in life we carry the excess fat, says Erin Giles, PhD, an AICR grantee.

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