Notes from the Field

AICR-supported scientists come from universities, research centers and universities across the country. Here are some of their stories.

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Meet Our Newest Grantees
How does folate, walnuts, or vitamin D affect your cancer risk? Can a ketogenic diet or a certain diet help survivors? With AICR support, scientists from around the country are working to answer these questions.

Exploring Cholesterol, Fat Tissue and Prostate Cancer
US black men face higher incidence and mortality of prostate cancer than nonblacks. How obesity and cholesterol levels may play a role in these race disparities is one topic Marilyn Gentry Fellow Emma H. Allott, PhD, is exploring.

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Walnuts May Alter Microbiome, Suppress Colon Tumors in Mice
A new study conducted in mice finds that eating walnuts may alter gut bacteria and suppress colon tumors, especially in male mice consuming relatively low amounts.

School Crossing sign with Fat Kids
Study: Overweight Girls at Increased Risk of Colorectal Cancer Decades Later
Girls who are overweight as young children and teens may face increased risk for colorectal cancer decades later, regardless of what they weigh as adults, suggests a new study partially published by AICR.

Tomatoes and jar of Tomato Paste
Heat, Shape and Type: Increasing Lycopene Absorption
Eating a raw tomato provides plenty of lycopene, along with other phytochemicals and nutrients. As studies continue to look at the link between lycopene-containing foods and cancer risk, a food scientist shares the latest research on ways to get the...

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