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10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention
Study: Plant Foods, Following AICR Recommendations Lowers Colorectal Cancer Risk
A new independently-conducted study confirms that following AICR’s other Recommendations for Cancer Prevention lowers the risk of colorectal cancer, with the more closely people following the recommendations the lower the risk. 

10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention
Study: Following AICR's Dietary Reccs Lowers Cancer Risk Among Older Adults
A study among older adults finds that each AICR dietary recommendation followed increasingly lowers risk for cancer. It can also postpone the onset of cancer by approximately one a half year.

10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention
How AICR Recommendations Cuts Colorectal Cancer Risk for Both Men and Women
For both men and women, the more healthy AICR Recommendations people followed, the lower the colorectal cancer risk when compared to none, suggests a new study with no connection to AICR.

10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention
Following AICR Recommendations Lowers Breast Cancer Risk
Regardless of family history or other set risk factors, following more of AICR's Recommendations for Cancer Prevention links to lower risk of breast cancer, suggests a study published this week.

Teen Boy Drinking Soda
Men Obese as Teens Have Increased Middle Aged Colorectal Cancer Risk
Men who are obese in their late teens may have double the risk of developing colorectal cancer in middle age, suggests a new study, adding to the research in life-course and cancer risk.

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