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New Evidence; New Estimate

Purple Sweet PotatoesAICR/WCRF's new report on endometrial cancer is the fourth cancer site updated as part of the Continuous Update Project. This continuation of systematically collecting and analyzing all new research on diet, body size, physical activity and cancer is the largest resource of existing scientific literature on food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer. The CUP builds on the 2007 report, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective.

Based on the report findings, AICR and WCRF updated the preventability estimates. The experts now estimate that 59 percent of cases of endometrial cancer are preventable in the United States by being a healthy weight and physically active. (The findings for coffee and glycemic index are not included as AICR has no specific recommendations for these factors.)

Together, by being a healthy weight, physically active and eating a healthy diet, AICR/WCRF estimates that people living in the US can prevent approximately a third of the most common cancers.

To read more about the estimates and how they were calculated, visit our Policy and Preventability.

Currently, researchers have added more than 4,000 new papers to the CUP database. The updates and key findings are available here:
- Preventing Pancreatic Cancer
- Preventing Colorectal Cancer
- Preventing Breast Cancer

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