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February 7, 2018 | Issue 237

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Can Prevent Breast Cancer by Reducing Alcohol Intake

AICR research estimates that one of every three breast cancer cases occurring annually in the US could be prevented by limiting alcohol intake, increasing activity and being a healthy weight.
Pouring alcohol into a glass

A New Study Clarifies How Alcohol Causes Cancer

AICR is marking Cancer Prevention Month by highlighting the rising trend of drinking across specific demographics, and the direct link between alcohol consumption and six different types of cancer.

Research Roundup

diabetes and cancerObesity and Diabetes Responsible for Rising Global Cancer Burden

The connection between obesity and and cancer is complex. Read how excess body fat can trigger multiple factors that contribute to the development of tumorous cells.

doctor and patientHear it from the Doctor: Key takeaways on Cancer Prevention

Dr. Penny Stern, Director of Preventive Medicine at Northwell Health, talks about the conversations she has with her patients on how to reduce cancer risk by managing lifestyle factors.

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