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January 24, 2018 | Issue 236

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Marie Ortiz of TeamAICR, winning races and running marathons to inspire others

Marie Ortiz
“You are running not just for yourself, you are running to make a difference in the lives of others,” says Marie Ortiz, who has run over 40 marathons since 2007 and in that time, she has battled breast cancer twice.
Nigel Brockton

AICR presenting at Obesity and Cancer Conference

Dr. Nigel Brockton, Director of Research at AICR, discusses the importance of his two complementary poster presentations highlighting the strong evidence supporting links between lifestyle factors and cancer risk.

Research Roundup

10 recommendations infographicStudy: five healthy habits lower cancer risk

A recent study in the U.K. found that people who followed healthy lifestyle were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with cancer than those who did not.

physically active infographicIdentifying mechanisms for how exercise impacts cancer risk

A recent review from a research group in Denmark sums up the current understanding of the molecular basis of how exercise inhibits tumor growth.

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