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November 29, 2017 | Issue 233

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Few American adults meet fruit and veggie goals, raising cancer risk

Fruits and Vegetables over US map
AICR Research shows that eating a plant-based diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit can reduce risk for many cancers.
half cancer can be prevented infographic

New Study Links Cancer and Cancer Deaths to Lifestyle Factors

Approximately 42 percent of cancer cases and 45 percent of cancer deaths in the United States are linked to lifestyle related risk factors including excess weight, poor diet and physical inactivity, according to a recent study.

Research Roundup

pancreatic cancer iconLow-Fat Diet Effective in Reducing Pancreatic Cancer Risk Among Overweight Women

A new multi-year study at Baylor College of Medicine found that a low-fat diet reduced risk of pancreatic cancer among a group of postmenopausal, obese women.

plate with saladDiet and Nutrition Tips for Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer in an organ like the pancreas, which helps with digestion, can place special nutritional demands on the body. Read diet and nutrition tips and advice from our specialist in oncology nutrition, Angela Hummel.

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