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August 09, 2017 | Issue 227

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About Alcohol and Cancer Risk

processed meat and celery
For cancer risk, AICR recommends not to drink alcohol.
colorectal cancer tumor illustration

Colorectal Cancer Death Rates Increasing Among Younger Americans

Mortality rates from colorectal cancer have increased among younger white adults, finds a troubling new study that adds to the research on a cancer that generally is considered one of the more preventable types.

Research Roundup

cornAlcoholic beverages increase risk of several cancers.

For lower cancer risk, AICR recommends not to drink alcohol. Its ethanol is a recognized carcinogen and our latest report found that even moderate amounts increase the risk of breast cancer.

greensMore Americans Eating Fresh Vegetables, Mainly Potatoes

More Americans are consuming fresh vegetables than canned and other processed veggies, driven largely by fresh potatoes, according to recent government report.

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