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July 12, 2017 | Issue 225

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More Americans Walking, Women In the Lead

Slightly more women are walkers than men, yet walking has become increasingly common among both genders over a recent 15 year period, according to a new government report.
woman and sticks walking

Coffee Links to Longer Life

AICR research shows that regular coffee drinking lowers risk of liver and endometrial cancers. Now, two large studies suggest that coffee drinkers may live longer than non-coffee drinkers.

Research Roundup

cornMetabolites and Prostate Cancer Risk

A large study has found a link between certain metabolites in the blood and prostate cancer risk, offering insights into how diet and lifestyle affect risk of this cancer.

greensCook dinner at home – save money, eat healthier

A recent study finds that people who cook more dinners save $2 a day on food overall, and they have significantly healthier diets than those who cook less often.

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