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Behavior Research for Weight Loss
January 8, 2014 | Issue 138

Also In This Issue:

Report: 1.5 Billion Adults Overweight or Obese

Paying $550 More a Year for the Healthiest of Diets

Exercise Ups Brain's Desire for Water-Rich Foods

In Brief:
How does your state rank for healthy?

Hawaii, Vermont and Minnesota top the list of healthiest states with several southern states sitting at the bottom, according to a recent report of American's health.

Cancer Prevention Venn

Food diary

NAP Challenge: Behavior Research for Weight Loss

We know that making health-related changes and sticking to them can be a challenge: research suggests there are key behaviors that can help.


Over one third of all adults across the world – 1.46 billion people – are now obese or overweight, with the largest increase by far in the developing world, according to a new report.

Eating the healthiest diets on average cost about $550 more a year than the least healthy, according to a recent analysis of research.

Men who completed a bout of high-intensity running had increased activity in a reward-related brain area when seeing fruit and vegetable images compared to images of doughnuts or other high-calorie foods.

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