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Glucose Levels Link to Colorectal Cancer

glucoseResearch clearly shows that obesity increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Previous studies have found conflicting results linking colorectal cancer with insulin and glucose levels. A relatively small new study points to high blood sugar as a possible link.

The findings, observed in postmenopausal women, were reported in the British Journal of Medicine.

The study gathered glucose and insulin levels of almost 5,000 women at the start of the study and several times over the next 12 years. By the end of the 12 years, 81 of the women had developed colorectal cancer. Researchers found that the women who had the highest glucose levels at the start of the study were nearly twice as likely to have developed colorectal cancer as women in the lowest third of blood glucose levels. Results were similar when looking at repeated glucose measurements over time. No association was found between insulin levels and risk for colorectal cancer.

Source: Kabat GC, Kim MY, Strickler HD, Shikany JM, Lane D, Luo J, Ning Y, Gunter MJ, Rohan TE. "A Longitudinal Study of Serum Insulin and Glucose Levels in Relation to Colorectal Cancer Risk among Postmenopausal Women." Br J Cancer. 2011 Nov 29.

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