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Recommendation for Kids with Obesity, 26+ Hours of Lifestyle Intervention
Obesity has been proven as being a large factor in increasing cancer risk. Childhood obesity can be prevented early on with proper knowledge and interventions to help reduce cancer risks in adulthood.

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Dads Largely Missing from Kids’ Obesity Prevention Research, Why that Matters
A new review finds there’s little research to understand the role that fathers's play in a child’s weight, with dads representing only 6 percent of parents involved in childhood obesity prevention trials.

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Fewer Americans Trying to Lose Weight, Differences Among Races
About two of every three Americans continue to be overweight, yet fewer adults are working to lose weight overall with relatively few Black Americans using diet and exercise to lose weight. The findings come from two recent studies, both offering insights...

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7 Key Nutrients: Find Them in Your Cancer-Fighting Foods
You know nutrients are good for you. But our research suggests you’re better off getting them from foods rather than supplements. From the familiar to the lesser known, here are seven important nutrients and where you can find them in...

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Sugar Recommendation
Read AICR's Recommendation on Sugar
Avoiding sugary drinks is one of AICR's Recommendation for Cancer Prevention. These drinks and other foods high in added sugar can cause weight gain, and obesity is a major risk factor for adult cancers.

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Habits for Lifelong Cancer Protection
Kids with healthy habits are at lower risk for later health conditions, including cancer. Here's some eating and activity tips for the whole family.