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Content Usage

AICR's news releases and other materials aim to provide individuals with helpful reliable and current information on diet, nutrition, weight and cancer risk. Some of our materials are free for use, with certain stipulations. Below are the materials available for use. For using any other other images or text on this website, please contact communications@aicr.org to ask for permission. 

None of AICR's content may be changed in a way that compromises the intent or integrity of the guide or information. If changes are desired, they will require review by AICR staff and explicit written permission from AICR.

WCRF/AICR 2018 Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective (The Third Expert Report): Users may make use of the text and graphics in the Third Expert Report for teaching and personal purposes, provided they give credit to World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research. For any other use please download and complete the permissions form and submit to copyright@wcrf.org. Note, for any text and graphics belonging to other parties and used in the Third Expert Report with permission, contact the copyright holder. 

Press releases: AICR press materials may be used without cost in any form of public media. Please credit the American Institute for Cancer Research when material is used.

Recipes: AICR Healthy Recipes may be reprinted with the following stipulations:

1. None of the recipe's ingredients, directions or other content may be changed. If you would like to make changes, please contact AICR communications for permission.

2. For print, include the credit line: Reprinted with permission from the American Institute for Cancer Research.

3. To use the recipe on a website, credit the American Institute for Cancer Research and include a link to aicr.org.

Infographics/Images: AICR infographics may be used and shared freely.

1. None of the content may be altered, added to or changed.

2. Please cite the American Institute for Cancer Research and include a link to aicr.org.

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