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Ever Green Ever Healthy - Issue 38 - September 9, 2010

Test News item - AICR Once Again Welcomes Stand Up to Cancer Telecast

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The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) today welcomed to the nation’s airwaves a telecast aimed at increasing private support for cancer research. Now that federal funding for cancer research is effectively decreasing for the first time in decades, the need for more and better research into the disease’s origins has never been greater, said AICR experts.

Stand Up to Cancer is a privately supported effort to direct funding to “Dream Teams” of researchers representing various disciplines within the cancer field. Funds raised during a September 10th telecast will be administered by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

“More cancer research is needed, and we are grateful for any and all help in meeting that need,” said Kelly B. Browning, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of AICR. “As an organization that has worked for decades to fund the basic research that leads to life-saving breakthroughs, AICR is once again pleased to welcome the Stand Up to Cancer folks to the ongoing fight against this terrible disease.”

Browning noted that, according to data analyzed in a massive AICR expert report, as many as one-third of all cancers are preventable.

“We applaud Stand Up to Cancer for setting up methods to speed much-needed funding toward pharmaceutical trials that will help make the lives of cancer patients better,” Browning said. “We only hope that the organization has similar protocols in place to support researchers studying how the interaction of nutrition, physical activity, weight and genetics influences cancer – a much different set of questions.”

As an organization that funds cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship research with a primary focus on diet and nutrition, AICR has offered to aid Stand Up to Cancer’s efforts by providing authorities in the diet-cancer field. These individuals, including many who serve on AICR’s Grant Panels, are uniquely qualified to evaluate research proposals related to diet, physical activity, weight and cancer.

AICR Experts Highlight Areas Needing More Research Dollars

The AICR/WCRF expert report Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective issued a series of dietary recommendations for lowering cancer risk. It also identified several key areas where the science is not yet conclusive, and in which more research is needed.

These include:

Dietary supplements such calcium, vitamin D, folate and selenium.

Research suggests that a single vitamin, mineral or phytochemical can have different effects on cancer risk, depending on factors such as dosage, timing of exposure, etc.

Cancer survivorship

Researchers need clear, uniform methods for collecting and analyzing information from cancer survivors on diet, physical activity and weight management.

Cancer risk over the life course

Studies suggest that nutrition and other lifestyle factors may play a more central role in determining cancer risk at specific times during the body’s growth and development.

“These are the kind of crucial but still unanswered questions that demand more research. We hope this massive funding initiative will mean more money available to investigate all aspects of cancer – before, during and after treatment,” said Browning.

The American Institute for Cancer Research is not affiliated with the American Association for Cancer Research.

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